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Is the worlds first Personal Development system that takes into account different personalities without limiting you to a single personality or defining your personality based on your pitfalls.
Thanks to our revolutionary Regenerative Spaces, we can now explore the activities, social stimulus, physical movement and structure that recharges you!


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The 3 States Of Your Personality

You are a dynamic, multifaceted being.
The way your brain is wired, your upbringing, your culture, your friends, and your passion projects all affect your personality.
Learn to filter out the noise and discover what is truly the most natural for you, and use that as your base; without limiting yourself to your comfort zone.

Biological State

The most natural state. The way you are wired. Your true biology.

Societal State

How your culture, family, society, peers, support networks and surroundings shape you.

Passion Project State

The state where you are so passionate that you can achieve the unimaginable.

The 3 Types Of Regeneration

Recharge your internal battery by finding the ideal level of social stimulus, physical movement and structure for YOU based on your personality and interests.

Active Regeneration

Activity based regeneration.
Recharge by pursuing activities that have the ideal level of stimulus for your personality.
What hobbies, projects or activities give you more energy?

Passive Regeneration

Environment based regeneration.
Design your environment with the colors, textures, structure, items and organization that recharge you.
How can you design your office, bedroom and living spaces in a way that refuels you?

Proactive Regeneration

Self-acceptance based regeneration.
Recharge your battery by being true to yourself in more aspects of your life and by working on your insecurities. How can you do what you are already doing in a way that is more natural for you?

The Develop Your Element Energy Scale

Your personality is made up of the following elements.
NOTE: These are not boxes or labels. We have no personality tests. We are all a mix of all the elements.


Adventurous, Youthful & Full of Ideas.


Inspiring, Mature & Results Driven.


Enchanting, Emotional & Sentimental.


Nurturing, Diplomatic & Comfort Seeking.


Analytical, Tranquil & Space Seeking.


Logical, Structured & Precise.

 "Sure, sometimes we need to make sacrifices, but many times we make stupid sacrifices that rob us of the activities that recharge our internal batteries"
Jannik Laursen
CEO & Founder

Not just Personal Development

Develop Yourself

Understand yourself and others in a way that allows you to motivate, stimulate, and regenerate anyone - including yourself - in such a way that you can step beyond your personality and achieve the previously unachievable.

Develop Your Relationships

The tools of Develop Your Element not only focus on helping you become the best version of you, they also help you communicate and collaborate better with contrasting personalities. Plus they help you become a source of regeneration for your loved ones.

Develop Your Career

Finally a non one size fits all approach to career, entrepreneurship, sales & business training. Tools and techniques that take into account your personality, the personalities of your clients and collaborators. Plus tools that help you overcome your fears and anxieties for good!

Develop Your Business

Tired of wasting time and money on one size fits all solutions for your company which work for some of your staff, but not for all? At Develop Your Element we have tools to improve the productivity, communication and sales in your company.

Develop Your Element has no


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Why Develop Your Element?

No Boxes

You are not limited to a single personality. You are a mix of all the personalities.
Plus we provide tools to help you operate outside of your biological personality in key moments.

No Personality Tests

We do not have personality tests as they are scientifically invalid and also rather limiting. We prefer you explore what is most natural for you.

No dependency creating tools

We want to be generous, we want to provide such a transformative experience that we become obsolete. We don't want to develop tools that make you return out of dependency.

No One Size Fits All

We focus on your unique needs! We understand that everyone needs different tools, different advice, different levels of social stimulus, different structure and organization. We help you find what works for you, instead of invalidating you and your needs by idolizing one single optimal route.

Regenerative Spaces

We explore how to recharge your internal battery based on the ideal activities, social stimulus, physical movement and organization for your unique mix of personalities.

Self Exploration Journey

We do not tell you which are your primary, secondary and tertiary personalities. You explore and decide what is most natural for you.

Tools to overcome insecurities

We understand that to become the best version of you, it is not enough to just help you recharge your battery, we also have to work on identifying and overcoming your insecurities.

step out of your comfort zone

While we want to empower you to embrace your true nature, we understand that in key moments your goals, passions and relationships can require you to step out of your comfort zone and do things that clash with your biological personality.
For those moments we help you leverage Regenerative Spaces and Passion Projects to be more comfortable, confident, flexible and impactful.

Develop Your Element has something for everyone including


Develop Yourself
Berenice Lara Laursen

What Are Regenerative Spaces?

Regenerative spaces are the places, activities, and levels of stimulus that regenerate a person’s mental and physical energy. Each personality type has different regenerative spaces,

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The Creators

Jannik Laursen

Jannik Laursen is a Danish/Mexican entrepreneur with vast experience in everything business (Management, Recruiting, Human Resources, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing). Jannik grew up as a citizen of the world, living in the Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Canada and Mexico. He experienced the cultural pressures that are unique to each country and it inspired him to find ways of empowering himself and people around him in any culture. Throughout his life Jannik has researched personality psychology extensively in order to understand the people around him, with focus on improving both his professional and family life. Working on various businesses with diverse teams of people spurred him to identify "The 6 Elements" to be able to communicate and motivate each person based on their element. Jannik's passion is to empower people based on their unique abilities. Seeing the strengths and potential in people is at his core and his life is centered on unlocking that potential.

Itzel Laursen
Chief Operating Officer

Itzel is a Danish/Mexican entrepreneur and culture expert with a degree in Comparative Culture from Sophia University (Tokyo, Japan). Itzel has grown up across cultures, sparking a profound interest in how people think and behave - and how this is influenced by both their surroundings and their own innate traits. She is also highly introverted, and grew up with profound social difficulties, leading her to develop a passion for psychology and personal development in hopes of improving her social interactions. Itzel has managed to overcome many of her social struggles and is now a public speaker who travels the world offering personal development workshops in pursuit of providing people with the tools to overcome their own challenges in life to live richer & more empowered lives. At Develop Your Element, one of her key interests is making sure that the tools and content are as accessible and inclusive as possible, thereby empowering people across and within different cultures.

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