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Boost Your Energy Levels

Explore how to recharge your internal battery and prevent burnout.

Boost Your Confidence

Get the framework and tools you need to face and overcome insecurities without losing yourself in the process.

Improve Your Relationships

Learn how to connect and communicate effectively with others, without losing yourself in the process.

Eliminate Stress & Anger

Learn to reduce stress, anger and frustration with practical easy to apply methods.

Become an Empowering Leader

Learn to reduce turnover, improve productivity and reduce conflicts and burnout on your teams!

Globally Recognized Certification Program

We have a cutting edge Instructors program with global validity.

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Get to know us!

We have an international team of instructors who cover a range of languages and regions of the world.

Jannik Laursen
CEO & Founder
Itzel Lara Laursen
COO & Co-Founder
Maria Berenice Lara Laursen
Director of International Growth
Nata Muñoz
Content Manager
Dave Villafañe
Social Media Manager
Steven Boutilier

What Students Say



Develop Your Element has not only changed my way of seeing myself and accepting my personality, it has also changed all my relationships, my self-esteem.

Luciana Hervoso


When you understand your essence, it becomes easier to live even more! When you understand the essence of people, it becomes easier to know how to socialize and connect with them!!

Emi Shinozaki


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