Having a great business is a tricky thing. We often hear about how other people achieved their goals, and it is tempting to try to replicate their model. In sales, many managers even tell you to simply “watch and learn” from whoever is the top seller at that time. The problem with this, is that it only creates imitators of great people – not more great people.

We can easily get so lost in competition or self-doubt that we want to believe that there is a magic formula for success. However much of our success comes from how ourselves apart. So here are some of the key things that will set you apart from the competition and make people keep coming back for more.


  • Celebrate your uniqueness


Success in business does not come from imitation; it comes from differentiating yourself from the competition. You might have heard this concept before and wondered, what does this really mean?

For starters: Be in your element!

Don’t try to be something you are not. It may be that there is a certain “way of being” or “way of doing things” that is expected in your field, and yes – you can learn from that and learn from the best. But not at the cost of losing your essence. If you’re a metallic massage therapist, or an electric person in the corporate world, look for how can you use your natural talents and abilities to give you a special edge in your business!

Ask yourself, if you were being true to your element right now,

What would you be creating?

Where would you be?

How would your business look?

Allow yourself to be inspired!

  1. Understand and adapt to other people.

Understanding people is vital for business. Communicating with clients, co-workers, and teams based on their energy will allow you to have the biggest impact possible.

Each personality type has different ways of talking and moving, different motivators and values. They come to you seeking out different experiences. Likewise, each individual seeks out your services, or works with you, for different reasons.

Start to read people’s body language, listen to their key words, and see what their top values, priorities, and desired experiences are. If you can tailor your communication and services with those magic touches people are bound to come back for more!


  1. Offer solutions

Always focus on offering solutions to your clients. Earn their trust by solving their problems. And this does not just mean fixing their car or setting them up with life insurance.

Each personality type looks for solutions to different underlying problems:

Electric – solve their boredom with fun, dynamic, and lighthearted experiences.

Fiery – solve productivity problems and help them be the best by offering them the best products and services on the market.

Aquatic – solve their desire for connection by being attentive and open, and making them feel personally taken care of.

Earthly – solve the discomforts and disharmonies in their life by offering solutions for not only them but for the people in their lives, and by patiently helping them work out the details to make the best decision.

Airy – solve their need for personal space by giving them space to make their own decisions, supporting them with key pieces of information that help them make a more educated choice.

Metallic – solve their need for pragmatism by delivering facts about the quality, production, and cost-benefit of the product, by being concise, and delivering on time.


  1. Don’t sell from your own personality

As point 3 illustrates, each personality type has different values.

Never assume you know what is important for your client.

Never assume they aren’t willing or capable of investing in your best products. Never assume they want the same things you want, or the same thing your other clients want.

Ask questions, find out their priorities, and always offer the best product first.


  1. Add value, don’t discount

Most times when customers reject you for the price, it isn’t that they don’t have the money; it is that they don’t see the value in what you are offering.

So add more value – don’t discount.

If someone requests a discount, do not lower the price. Instead, offer them something extra. Otherwise, you devalue your product, service, and yourself, and your clients get accustomed to asking for discounts. They start to come in already assuming that your product is not worth what you’re charging for it.

If you know the personality type of your client, and to sell them based on their values, you can create an experience that is worth the extra price.


What are some of the things you do in your business that sets you apart?

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