We are all a mix of all the elements, and how each element shows up depends on the percentages and combinations we each have. This is why not all metallic people are the same, and not all aquatic people are the same.

In some people, the primary element is highly dominant, such as in a person who is 70% fiery, 25% earthly, and 5% everything else.

While everybody has at least one dominant element, many people have two or three dominant elements – and sometimes they play almost equally large roles in our personalities.

This could show up as a person being 45% electric and 45% metallic, and 10% everything else, or 28% fiery, 27% aquatic, 25% earthly, and 20% divided between the remaining three elements.

In Develop Your Element, we will never tell you what elements you are, much less your percentages, because the truth is that different aspects of your personality will come out stronger in different moments. However, you may start to realize the approximate percentages of each of the elements as you witness your own personality at play day-to-day. And the more you recognize which elements make up more than 25% of your personality, the more power you have to regenerate and stimulate all sides of you.


So, what are the effects of these secondary and tertiary elements on your primary? Depending on the element, the secondary may intensify or mellow out your primary. As a rule of thumb, the closer your secondary is to your primary on the energy scale, the more it will intensify the characteristics of each one. And the farther it is on the scale, the more it will counteract, balance, or even cancel out characteristics of each one. If you have two dominant energies that are on opposite ends of the scale, it is also likely that you feel a somewhat split personality, or that one side of you drains or sometimes fights against the other.

With that in mind, how does each element usually show up as a secondary or tertiary element?

Electric – as a dominant non-primary element, it might show up as a need to move around or switch tasks often, or as a certain randomness to your thoughts. You might have many ideas, and you might have moments of high impulsivity or silliness, even if you have a more methodical primary.


Fiery – as a secondary or tertiary element it often intensifies your primary personality. Whatever you normally do as part of your primary, you will do with more intensity and push than others. You will be more strategy oriented and expect results, and you like to be respected. You might be quick to find short cuts, and you may seek out both being the best and having the best even within the realm of your primary.

Aquatic – as a secondary or tertiary element it can give you strong communication skills and a need to express yourself. It might also add a romantic quality to your life and behaviours, or perhaps even some drama and unpredictable emotions and reactions. The people closest to you will be of utmost importance to you, and developing close relationships will be highly regenerative for you.

Earthly – as a dominant non-primary element it often has a softening quality. You will notice other people’s needs and be very supportive of the people around you. You will probably seek out comfortable furnishings and nurturing environments. You will be very understanding of others, but on the downside could end up feeling overlooked or as if all the responsibility always falls on you as you may not express yourself or ask for help as much as you could.


Airy – with this as a secondary or tertiary you might be more sensitive to certain stimulus. You may need to socially hibernate once in a while, or you may be easily drained by too much chaos in the wrong moment. You will need certain alone time and personal space to be able to function properly. Occasionally you might feel like you are lost in space, or your analytical mind could get the best of you in the form of overthinking.

Metallic – as a dominant non-primary, this energy will bring a taste for order and perfection into your life. You might have a need for logical and concise interactions, and superficial things may seem pointless to you. You might voice strong opinions or be more cut-and-dry in your expressions than other people. You might need a more structured life and environment than most, and to have solitary moments where you can think or work without interruption.

How do you feel like your secondaries affect your overall personality?

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