Are you wondering why you feel so mentally and physically drained all the time? Since ancient Greece brilliant minds like Hippocrates, Aristotle, Plato etc. have understood that there are different personality types, and that each type have different requirements. Sadly in modern times, we do not use this knowledge much outside of our careers.

Ask yourself for a second… are you being true to your nature? If you were being true to your nature what would you be doing right now? What is stopping you? Do you even know?

Most times the expectations and requirements from family, work, culture & relationships are making you suppress your true nature in many areas of your life.

When you suppress your true nature or try to be something you are not, it drains you mentally, physically and affects your mood. We are powerful beings and we can adapt our energy to every situation, but we have to be careful to not lose ourselves in the process.

Take time to regenerate! Most people don’t take time to regenerate and are not consciously aware of what their body and mind require to properly regenerate.

Did you know that depending on what type of personality type you are, your regenerative space is very different? One type might regenerate while reading a book or watching Netflix, another type might regenerate at a bar or a concert.


At Develop Your Element, we explore 6 different personality types which we call elements (2 introvert types, 2 ambivert types and 2 extrovert types).

Did you know extroverts actually regenerate from social settings with high social stimulation? They get energy from other people and through movement. Sitting still and being in quiet places actually bores them and makes them anxious, which drains them.

Introverts on the other hand, while they can enjoy social settings, it can drain them if they do not take time for themselves. Introverts regenerate by reducing social stimulation and physical movement.

Ambiverts can need both types of regeneration, there are many ways to find our regenerative space, spending time with family, relaxing on a beach, depending on which type you are.

If you find that you regenerate from both high and low stimulation, you are probably either an ambivert or a combination of a more extroverted and a more introverted type.

Examples of cases where we ignore our regenerative space:

Career focused introverts who have to be extroverted for their roles (Professors, teachers, sales people etc.)

Extroverted parents, who slow down and choose to attend fewer social events than their body and minds require, because family life can make them forget to take care of themselves.

Extroverted people who have been told their whole lives to be quiet, sit still & relax.

Introverts who always were pushed to be more social.

Are you acknowledging your regenerative space and the regenerative spaces of everyone around you? Your health, energy and mood could greatly improve if you start living true to your nature and start giving yourself the regenerative space you need. On top of that, all your relationships will greatly improve if you empower the people around you to regenerate properly and to be in their element as much as possible.

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